your-local-telecom-nbn-internet-50gbConnect to Australia’s Newest Network

  • Great range of plan options including Upload and Download speeds and data inclusions
  • Powered by the brand new NBN National Network
  • Optional Home Network Gateway WiFi modem

Australia’s National Broadband Network

Be one of the first in Australia to connect to the National Broadband Network. The NBN is being rolled out across Australia to many metropolitan and regional locations using the latest in Fibre, Wireless and Satellite technologies. You may be in one of the many roll out locations, simply let us know your address and we can help you choose a plan to best suit your needs.

Wide range of plans to suit your needs.

For smaller families with minimal internet requirements or for basic business connectivity, you may choose from a lower speed plan with a small data inclusion. For larger households which rely on the internet for school or for businesses accessing cloud based applications, we offer a range of high speed services with up to 1TB of included data.

Significantly higher speeds than any other network!

The potential speeds on the NBN network are significantly higher than ADSL which is delivered on the old copper based network. You can achieve incredible speeds of up to 100Mb/s download which is 5 times faster than the highest ADSL2+ speed available.


Plan Options

Included GB Plan Monthly Fee Min (per mth) Included Data Cost/MB Excess Data / GB


12M/1M $79.95 $79.95 $0.0007 $2.50
25M/5M $84.95 $84.95 $0.0008
25M/10M $89.95 $89.95 $0.0008
50M/20M $94.95 $94.95 $0.0009
100M/40M $104.95 $104.95 $0.0010

Data Allowance each month includes both Uploaded and Downloaded traffic for that billing period and quota not used in a month is not carried forward to the next month. Once you have used your data allowance for each month your service will be shaped or excess usage incurred depending on the plan selected.

Things You Should Know

1. All prices quoted are inclusive of GST. 2. NBN Internet minimum commitment per month is as follows; $79.95 (12MB/1MB), $84.95 (25MB/5MB), $89.95 (25MB/10MB), $94.95 (50MB/20MB), $104.95 (100MB/40MB) 3 Dishonoured direct debit payments may incur a charge. 4. Acceptable Usage Policy applies. 5.There is no Early Termination Fee for this service, however you must provide 30 days’ notice to us to disconnect a service. 6. We will deliver your service to the Network Boundary Point at your premises, which is defined as the physical port or ‘UNI’ on the NBN Network Termination or port on the Home Network Gateway if selected. The cabling that is required in your premises beyond the Network Boundary Point is your cost and responsibility, as is the provision of a suitable 240V AC power outlet. 7. You must obtain the consent of the property owner to have the NBN installation performed. 8. The installation will be performed during business hours, and you will need to be home to provide access for the installation technicians. If you select to take the Home Network Gateway and choose the Professional Installation option, a second appointment will be required. 9. A single static IP address is provided which may be changed due to technical and operational reasons by providing 30 days notice. 10. Speeds are theoretical maximum speeds. Actual speeds may be less due to a number of factors including but not limited to, network configuration, line quality & length, customer premises interference, traffic, hardware and software. 11. Data Allowance each month includes both Upload and Download traffic for that billing period and quota not used in a month is not carried forward to the next month. 1 Gigabyte = 1024 Megabytes. 12. If you have chosen a shaped plan, once you have reached your usage allowance, the speed of your service will slow to 256kbps. 13. If you have chosen an unshaped plan, excess data used will be charged at $2.50 per GB in 1 Megabyte Increments.

We supply the best networks, backed up with our unbeatable personalised service, delivered without any contracts while supporting your local community.


One Bill

We’re a full service telecommunications provider meaning we can provide all your communications on one single bill. So that’s one simple payment per month and one company to deal with. Just makes life simple.


Direct Contact

When you’re with us you’ll have our direct contact details so if you’ve got a question you know who to come to. It’s the kind of personal service the big telcos just can’t offer. Their loss, your gain.


No Minimum Term Contracts

We back our level of service with our no minimum term contract guarantee. This gives you the flexibility to change between different plans and services at any time without any fees as well as giving you the comfort that you can switch service providers at any time without early termination fees.


A Communications Partner

We believe in being a valued partner to our clients by offering honest and straightforward advice. We don’t make the sale and run, we’re here to stay, and we’re here to do whatever we need to keep you happy.



Supporting your Local Community

Support a local community organisation of your choice by taking advantage of our unique community program whereby we will donate 2% of your total spend to the club or organisation of your choice. We already sponsor many sporting clubs through our community program and are always looking to sponsor many more!


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