What is Communicator?


Communicator is the Swiss army knife of business communications. It makes all your commonly used communication tools available to you in a simple to use and navigate desktop application. It enables you to maintain maximum contact with your customers and suppliers by bringing all modern business communication tools together, in one place via Communicator.

One-to-One or One-to-Many

Communicator is built to allow both single recipient messages – such as appointment reminders and multiple recipient messages, such as SMS marketing campaigns.

Our multi-node communicator cluster is capable of processing millions of messages a day – so whether you have 100 customers or 100,000 – communicator is the solution for you.

Communicator enables you to send and receive faxes, SMS’ or even post letters with minimal interruption to your workflow. This in turn increases your productivity, minimises overheads and increases savings.

Service features



  • Send faxes in a few clicks, choose a PDF, enter the destination and send.
  • Receive faxes right on your desktop, complete with popup notifications.
  • Manage your fax contact list right inside the application
  • Easily send bulk faxes using your fax contacts
  • Option to CC in a recipient for all faxes sent

SMS services

  • Send and receive SMS messages right on your desktop, complete with popup notifications.
  • Customisable sender ID, supporting both numbers and words.
  • Bulk sending of messages with SMS contact list built into Communicator
  • Ability to apply templates to messages, with support for mail merge, for even faster messaging


Post services

  • Send a traditional, on paper letter, directly from your computer
  • Ability to send a single document, automatically stream together multiple documents or write a short letter directly in the application.
  • Supports multiple document formats
  • Option to send by regular, express or registered post
  • Letters are printed on 100% recycled paper and sent via Australia Post



Phone Calls

  • Send or schedule automated phone calls from your PC
  • Automate synthesized voice messages with “mail merge” features
  • Automatically patch and transfer calls
  • Integrates with our VoIP and PBX products

Word Integration

Communicator integrates with Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010, placing options in your Word toolbar. With the click of a mouse, you can send the currently open document directly as a fax or via traditional post, removing the double printing of traditional faxing, or the time consuming trip to the post box with a letter.


Use it from anywhere

Communicator’s Fax, SMS and Postal functions are also available online from Your Local Telecom’s webApp platform. You can send new messages, view your received messages, or view reports on your sent messages from any web browser, anywhere in the world.


Access your other products

Communicator provides many shortcuts for accessing Your Local Telecom’s most used tools. With one click, you can be at your customer portal, PBX or server manager, or your VoIP commander.
The Communicator application also supports hiding, minimising to your system’s tray where it will continue to monitor for messages and deliver notifications, leaving your workspace clear.

Cost Saving benefits

Through the efficient design and concept of communicator your business communications are simplified and streamlined by one application increasing existing customer contact and building stronger business relationships while reducing man hours in the office and traditional costs.

  • Reduces power usage and potentially eliminates paper and toner consumption
  • Reduced man-hours results in lower time-cost

Cost effective, single-bill communication

Competitive pricing is provided for all communication mediums – the table below speaks for itself…

Medium Rate Increment
SMS Outbound 20c Message
SMS Outbound Free Message
Fax Outbound 18c Fax (up to 8 pages)
Fax Inbound 2c Fax
Automated Call (landline) 14c Call
Phone Call Please see call rates table
Postal Letter Please see e-post rates table


pdf_icon Download our Communicator Summary Product Sheet

pdf_icon Download our Communicator Product Sheet

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