Comparison to Traditional Models

A better way to source your IT infrastructure

The traditional approach
Traditionally, Australian small businesses operate on a local, computer hardware infrastructure similar to the one shown below…


In this model, you purchase and maintain servers and workstations, which comes with significant purchasing and ongoing maintenance costs. On top of this, the equipment becomes outdated and needs to be replaced over time.

The Your Local Telecom Hosted Infrastructure approach

The cloud server approach does away with all the expensive, high-maintenance Infrastructure and moves your IT resources into the cloud…


In this format your server and workstations are provided from managed cloud infrastructure, meaning you don’t have to purchase or maintain the equipment, saving you thousands each year in purchasing, maintenance, on site support and potential downtime.  

 Key Business Benefits

You’ll wonder how you ever got by without one…


A future-proof investment

Your cloud server can be scaled up on demand, ensuring you’ve always got the capacity your business needs right at your fingertips, without expensive hardware upgrades.


At the forefront of current technology

Keep ahead of the competition by utilizing the latest in business infrastructure technology. Our industry leading feature set will give you the edge.


Minimal, predictable setup and ongoing costs

Unlike a traditional server, there’s no hardware to purchase. You can get started with your cloud server for under $100, potentially saving you thousands!


Quick and easy deployment

Our Cloud Servers are offered with next business day Deployment, meaning you can order it today and be up and running tomorrow!


A key component of any disaster recovery plan

Your cloud server is accessible from anywhere and isn’t dependent on your site’s power and connectivity. This means that should anything happen to your office, it’s quick and simple to set up elsewhere within hours!


Part of an integrated solution

Your cloud server can be combined with many of our other products to build a complete cloud office solution. This gives you a single point of call for all of your business data and communication infrastructure needs.

 Hundreds of features you’ll wonder how you ever lived without


Cloud Hosted

No purchasing, maintenance or upgrades to worry about. Your cloud server is hosted on our highly available Australian datacentre infrastructure.


Extremely reliable, maintained infrastructure

Your cloud server is hosted on our “N+1” cloud network. Which is built to be immune to power, equipment and con- nectivity failures, with complete redundancy from end-to- end. We provide a 99.99% service level agreement.


Maintenance Included

Since your cloud server is hosted on our Australian cloud in-frastructure, you’ll never worry about hardware maintenance or warranties again. Your servers infrastructure is constantly maintained by our expert technicians, keeping it running at 100% at all times, with no intervention from you.


Built-in Backups

Your cloud server is backed up twice daily, ensuring that you can roll back at any time should you experience an issue with your data, or even accidently delete something.


Private IP Accessible

Your cloud server can be made accessible to you directly on your local network over a secure Private IP connection. These can be provided via VPN, ADSL, EFM, Ethernet and more


Multi-Site Capable

If your business is growing across multiple offices, a cloud server will give you all the advantages of a centralized server without the normally associated infrastructure costs.


It’s affordable, it covers all the bases and you’re going to love it…

Save on your IT equipment costs

Included as standard…

  • Cloud hosted servers and/or workstations
  • Fully maintained virtualized hardware
  • The latest versions of Microsoft Windows Server*

With options for…

  • Full server management including software updates and more
  • Onsite equipment management including your thin clients, router and printers
  • The latest version of Microsoft Office Professional or Standard
  • Countless other features and service offerings (we couldn’t list the them all!)

Which means you can forget about…

  • Server and workstation hardware purchasing
  • Ongoing onsite maintenance of equipment
  • Costly downtime due to server and computer failures
  • Computer and server hardware refresh cycles

…and stop worrying about your I.T. infrastructure. This enables you to stop worrying about your I.T. and focus on what you do best while we manage and scale your infrastructure as you need it.

ylt-server-backup-sixteenLet’s discuss your needs…

Every businesses’ needs are different… Let’s discuss yours!

Our hosted infrastructure offerings are designed to scale to capacity suited to small business, all the way up to corporates. Contact us today and we’ll provide a tai- lored solution proposal and comprehensive quotation for a solution built to suit your needs and budget.



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