Low Cost Home Phone Plan Residential-Fixed-Voice

Simple home phone plans that SAVE you money.

Our straight forward home phone plans save you money and have included
great value. Nothing changes when you switch to us, everything stays the
same, except the size of the bill.

Choose a Plan that suits you.

Whether you have a large family with a lot of people using the phone or a
small home, we have the right plan for you that will give you the security in
your bills.

Low per minute rates and included calls.

We get excellent calls rates and because we don’t have shareholders to pay
we can pass our savings on to you. You get low rate calls and capped calls
that allow you to chat away.

We supply the best networks, backed up with our unbeatable personalised service, delivered without any contracts while supporting your local community.


One Bill

We’re a full service  telecommunications  provider meaning we can provide all your  communications on one single bill. So that’s one  simple payment per  month and one company to deal with. Just makes  life simple.


 Direct Contact

When you’re with us  you’ll have our direct  contact details so if  you’ve got a question you  know who to come to. It’s the kind of personal  service the big telcos just can’t offer. Their loss, your gain.


 No Minimum Term Contracts

We back our level of  service with our no  minimum term contract guarantee. This gives  you the flexibility to  change between  different plans and services at any time without any fees as well as giving you the comfort that you can  switch service providers  at any time without  early termination fees.


A Communications Partner

We believe in being a valued partner to our  clients by offering honest and straightforward  advice. We don’t make the sale and run, we’re here to stay, and we’re here to do whatever we need to keep you happy.



Supporting your Local Community

Support a local  community  organisation of your choice by taking advantage of our unique community program whereby we will donate 2% of your total spend to the club or  organisation of your choice. We already  sponsor many sporting clubs through our  community program and are always looking to sponsor many more!


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